Meet Xander

Virtually Yours by Alyssa Drake

  • Name of Character: Leo “Xander” Alexander
  • Siblings: 2 younger brothers
  • Education: Bachelor’s degree in Criminal Psychology
  • Age: 31 (5 years older than Ava)
  • Occupation: Detective
  • Physical appearance: A little bit of stubble, but not unkempt, and full lips. He can be intimidating due to his stature, but his playful smile can melt panties from a block away.
  • Physical build: Tall, broad shoulders, wide chest, strong jaw
  • Eyes: Green
  • Hair: Med – dark brown
  • Tattoos/piercings/scars: None, but he does ride a motorcycle.
  • Biggest trauma: The death of his wife during childbirth, as well as the loss of the child, have prevented him from getting close to another woman (or any person for that matter). He fights his attraction to Ava for this reason; he is afraid he’ll lose another person he loves.
  • He is the kind of person who: Would give you the shirt off his back, the money from his wallet, and an ass-whooping when you need it.
  • What is his obsession? He’s obsessed with an unsolved case from his rookie year. The mysterious death of Mr. Davis at the Wiltshire Towers has haunted him since the case was tentatively closed.
  • When did you character last have sex? Prior to Ava, the last time Leo had sex was the previous month with some forgettable blonde woman who hit on him at the bar. She spent the weekend with him and flew home to Cincinnati the following Monday. Leo’s relationships have been short-term and commitment free since the death of his wife.
  • What is his alcoholic drink of choice? Whiskey, neat.
  • What is his zodiac sign? Ironically, Leo is a Leo. Fiercely protective and extremely loyal, Leo is a true fire sign, who puts his life on the line for both his friends, partners, and Ava. He is often the voice of reason and his younger co-workers come to him for advice, especially Sawyer and Ethan.
  • What would he ask a fortune teller? Who killed Mr. Davis? (The man who “fell” from his apartment at the Wiltshire Towers.)