Meet Kirk

Trophy Doctor by Kim Carmichael

  • Name:  Kirk Richmond
  • Siblings:  Jennifer (Deceased)
  • Education:  MD
  • Age: 35
  • Occupation: Primary practice medical doctor.
  • Physical appearance:  Tall, dark hair blue eyes, scruffy, a bit of a mess, but of course gorgeous should be.
  • Physical build:  Fills out a set of scrubs nicely but not overly muscular.
  • Eyes:  Blue
  • Hair:  Dark
  • Tattoos/piercings/scars:  None


  • Ways to annoy this person:  Take an antibiotic when you don’t need one.  Above all else remember to listen to his instructions.
  • Hopes and dreams:  To own a holistic center that focuses on all different types of medicine.
  • Biggest trauma:  The death of his sister from an antibiotic reaction.
  • What does/will he like best about the other main character(s):  That she makes him laugh, is quirky and mess that he can rescue.
  • What does/will he like least about the other main character(s):  That she won’t always listen to him.
  • He is the kind of person who:  Would rescue a kitten from a tree and miss his own event to help someone in need.
  • How does he react to criticism? He broods, walks away and ghosts the person
  • What is in his car?  An old beat up truck, he’s does not want to be a cookie cutter doctor.
  • What’s his view of lying?  No, just no.