Meet Duncan

Wet by Maggie Carpenter

  • Name of Character:  Duncan Rhys-Davies
  • Siblings: Sister
  • Education: Higher Education
  • Age: 35
  • Occupation: Barrister
  • Physical appearance: Tall, dark and handsome. (James Bond)
  • Physical build: Muscular. 
  • Eyes: Brown
  • Hair: Dark Brown
  • Tattoos/piercings/scars: None
  • What does/will he like best about the other main character(s): Her wit. She’s such a cheeky woman and always has a quick retort.
  • What does/will he like least about the other main character(s): Her petulance. She can cross the line from fun to bratty, and she likes to test him just a bit too much. 
  • What is his obsession?  Domination. There is nothing he likes better than having a submissive tied up and at his mercy. 
  • What sort of sex does he have?  Kinky. The kinkier the better. But–he’s a patient man. He has no problem keeping his submissive on the edge. Her plaintive begging is music to his ears. 
  • What is his most treasured possession? A flogger given to him by his BDSM Mentor. Black, with long thick tendrils that deliver a thudding sting, not a fiery kiss. 
  • What’s his view of lying?  Doesn’t tolerate a lie. As he says, “I’ll know if you’re lying. Do so at your peril.”
  • What is his alcoholic drink of choice?  Scotch or Champagne, depending the occasion. Scotch when he’s contemplating, champagne when there’s a reason for celebration.