Meet Brett

Diamonds and Winning Hearts by Tara Ames

  • Name of Character: Brett Young
  • Siblings: 4 brothers and a sister
  • Education: Bachelor’s degree
  • Age: 29
  • Occupation: Professional Baseball Player or as Tina Foxx refers him as Mr. Hot Stud Pro Pitcher
  • Physical appearance: Hunkalicious!
  • Physical build: Six-foot-two, massive shoulders, biceps as big as soft-balls, hard chest, V-shape torso, long, muscular legs, and, well, BIG-LOL!
  • Hair & Eyes: Hair the color of a dark Guinness ale, smokin’ blue martini eyes and a square jaw that had the same powerful punch as a shot of Barcardi 151.
  • Tattoos/piercings/scars: Left to the imagination of the reader

  • What is his obsession? Baseball, cars, yachts, and women
  • What’s his favorite sexual position? Hell, Brett loves them all.
  • What’s his view of lying? Brett has never deceived anyone under false pretenses and he hates himself for having to deceive Tina Foxx. 
  • What is his alcoholic drink of choice? Heineken
  • What is his greatest fear? Brett was recruited to Miami in hopes of uniting the team and getting them to the World Series. He fears it won’t become a reality if he doesn’t gain the respect and trust of his teammates and the only way he can do that is by accepting their bet that he can get Tina Foxx in his bed by the third date.