Meet Alec

Trail of Secrets by Alexa Padget

  • Name of Character: Alec Monson   
  • Siblings: Alec has three younger siblings. Two brothers and a sister.
  • Education: He attended the University of Utah, where he received a bachelor’s degree in aerospace engineering.
  • Age: 28
  • Occupation: Medically-retired Army medi-vac pilot
  • Physical appearance: He’s the local golden boy.
  • Physical build: He’s tall–just over six feet and, yep, he’s got that hard Army-regulation body. All sleek, strong muscle…and, now, some nasty scars to from his last evac mission.
  • Eyes: Blue
  • Hair: Alec’s hair is blond and short (though not quite military precision)
  • Tattoos/piercings/scars: One tat. He doesn’t talk about it much.
  • What people like best about him: Alec is a take-charge man. He sets a goal and figures out how to accomplish the task, no matter what the personal cost.
  • Biggest trauma: His last medivac mission where he had to hover about the active engagement, watching friends of his get shot down. Until his helicopter was struck and he, too, needed to be medically evacuated.
  • What does he care about most in the world: Izzy. He’s loved Isobel Petras since he was twelve. And his younger siblings and his mother.
  • Does he have a secret: Many. His father hit him. His (wrong) belief that his ineffectiveness during that last battle that cost his friends their lives. The fact he’s loved Izzy Petras most of his life.
  • What sort of sex does he have? With Izzy, it’s all about what feels good. Sometimes it’s hard and fast up against a door. Because he just. Can’t. Wait. Another minute to touch her, to be enveloped by her, to love her as he’s always desired to do. Other times, it’s slow–all about moving  with deliberation from her jaw to her neck, down to her breasts, teasing out Izzy’s breathy sighs and low moans. He loves those best–her moans. And when she calls out his name in the throes of pleasure.
  • What is in his car? He is now the proud owner of a new Ford F-150. It’s relatively new, so it doesn’t have much in it: a phone charger, a to-go cup that held that morning’s coffee, a change of civilians clothes (for when he’s no longer needing to wear his sheriff’s uniform).
  • What’s his view of lying? Not a fan though he himself has been known to bend the truth. Fine. He’s lied to people. He’s not proud of it and he tries not to do it anymore.