Jan O’Hara

Author of Desperate Times, Desperate Pleasures

  • Do you consider yourself to be wild or tame?
    • Tame, sadly, though I seem to be able to call upon a secret reservoir of wildness for my fiction. Gotta let those impulses out somewhere, right?
  • Do you believe in “real life” happy endings?
    • As I’ve been happily married to the ToolMaster for a long time, yes, absolutely. That said, I believe true love must be earned, and not always in romantic ways. You have to be smart enough to recognize a good man when he walks by, then smart enough to keep him when his socks routinely miss the laundry hamper. Not that I know anyone like that, of course. 😉
  • If you were to write a book about yourself, what would it be called?
    • Anatomy of an Overthinker
  • Where is the strangest place you’ve slept?
    • On a tatami mat in a room shared with fifty exchange students. I spent the summer between high school and university in Japan. During the changeover between my two host families, we gathered for a weekend in a Lions Club facility. We played games, body-surfed, and swept the beach of debris in exchange for our keep. It was a glorious experience, as was the entire exchange.
  • Is anything in your story based on real life experience?
    • Yes. The experience of being duped. Despite going through med school and a residency in an inner city hospital, I emerged with my youthful naivety largely intact. It took years and many painful experiences before I acquired street smarts. Mia Gibson, my protagonist, is in the in-between stage—the point where you know the world can hurt you but can’t trust your newly formed instincts. Of course this is when she meets a devastatingly attractive man who just happens to be a proven liar, and when her safety might depend upon his trustworthiness…