Calinda B

NY Times Bestselling Author of Sugar Baby

  • Have you ever tried to work out an issue with someone by creating a character and writing about it?
    • Well, duh! Some of my best work has come from encounters with psychopaths/sociopaths and narcissists. Red Rex, Blood Echoes, emerged from an especially brutal encounter. That’s a book readers either love or loathe. But, hey! It’s cheaper than therapy!
  • Is anything in your story based on real life experience?
    • Yes! All of my books have touches of my life woven into the narrative. Zander, the billionaire character in Sugar Baby, is an adventure junkie who uses the great outdoors as his playground. That’s me, through and through. I’ve rock-climbed, ice-climbed, fire-walked hundreds of times, scuba dived with sharks, kayaked still waters and raging, scary currents, hiked mountain trails, slept beneath the stars, you name it. As for Effie, she’s kind of like me in that she’s super smart and a little bit geeky, and grew up sheltered and over-protected. I fought my way out of the limiting beliefs I grew up with–it took many years, but I finally found my confidence among the sea and the stars and a heaping dose of therapy.
  • Where is the strangest place you’ve slept?
    • This one’s funny–a friend and I traveled to Russia right after the Iron Curtain “fell” with a group of healing arts practitioners. We had to take the train to Moscow. She and I got separated from the entire group. We were showed to a berth with four bed-type bunklets and two men. We were young things and didn’t want to be preyed upon by any skeevy Russian dudes so we tried, in vain, to communicate to non-English speaking train personel that under no circumstances would we sleep in a room with men. The men left. We thought we had communicated successfully so got into our PJs and tucked into our bunks. In the morning we woke up to the sounds of snoring men. I guess they left and returned after we fell asleep. So the short answer is “on a train to Moscow.”
  • What’s the most difficult thing about writing characters of the opposite sex?
    • I actually love writing as a guy. I’ve spent a lot of time around guys. The activities I love are fairly male-oriented. At times, all of my closest friends have been men. And, I know a lot of gay men who are more than happy to share their life experience with me, especially with regards to sex research. For instance, you know how romance stories often have the partners orgasming countless times throughout the night? Like, over and over and over and OVER? I was at a party, all men and me, and I asked them how many times they could come in a night. Not one of them orgasmed more than three times. And some of them were active man-whores. It’s always good to do your research. 😉
  • What’s your favorite dessert?
    • Hands down, fruit crisp with vanilla ice cream.
  • What can we expect from you next?
    • I’m writing a sereis for 2019 called the Reluctant Valkyrie series. It’s going to be a fun series with death minions, odd ways to get souls to cross over, big drama, even bigger love, and more. Will the world survive? Can Ace and Kara manage to fulfill their destinies? Who knows?And, I’ll be finishing up the final book in my Charming Shifter Mysteries, Star Shift: Book 6 — lots of twists and turns and it ties up the first five books in a few neat bows.

Sugar Baby by Calinda B