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The Stories

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Sugar Baby by New York Times Bestselling Author, Calinda B

After Effie D’Archangel’s scholarship gets revoked, she’s screwed. Everything she’s ever worked for is gone. She can’t work more than she already does without falling behind in her classes. With no hope and no plan, she succumbs to a dare to attend a party for billionaires looking for young, sexy sugar babies. Despite being more geek than chic, Effie’s desperate to try anything.

Zander’s money and world class skill and daring in outdoor adventures can’t shield him from heartbreak. Still bitter from an accident that left him deeply scarred, he accepts a dare to find a sugar baby. When he encounters Effie, she’s everything he’s not used to–and that intrigues him even more. Agreeing to fund her tuition is a risk he knows he can handle. But as they grow closer and the truth surfaces, will the sugar baby be worth the risk after all?

The Nerd Next Door by Sylvie Stewart

New town, new job, new neighbor … new crush.

I’ve got a serious problem and it goes by the name of Ted Jones. Even his name is nerdy! Combine that with his glasses, lean runner’s frame, crazy smarts, and superhero addiction and he’s got my lady engine revving hard.

What can I say? I’ve got a thing for hot nerds.

But our shy glances and awkward exchanges in the elevator aren’t going to cut it. This nerd is mine; he just doesn’t know it yet.

Tempt Me by Stephanie Morris

Riley “Mac” Cormac is too big, far too gorgeous and much, much too enticing. And for the next three months, he’ll be sharing a cabin with Leia. Riley is also best friends with her little brother—and the same age.

Leia Taylor had loved her husband with all her heart, but he still left her for another woman. Men!—she’s done with them. Especially men like Riley who have “skirt-chaser” written all over them.

Unfortunately, there’s nowhere to hide in the miniscule cabin. And blue-eyed, tempting Riley is persistent about not being ignored…

Trail of Secrets by USA Today bestselling author Allyson Lindt writing with Alexa Padgett

Isobel is struggling to atone for the mistakes of her past. Alec would be happier if he could forget his. But if they want a chance at love, they’ll have to follow the trail of secrets and confront those scars.

Dirty Work by Publisher’s Weekly bestselling author Jeana E. Mann

Getting clean has never felt so dirty.

At my sister’s wedding reception, I broke my self-imposed celibacy and took the best man home for the night. If you saw him, you’d understand. Dimples for days and a body made for sin. He’s the hottest guy I’ve ever seen. And it’s only for one night, right? Wrong.

To make ends meet until I finish my degree in marriage counseling, I agreed to clean house for my neighbor’s grandson. I had no idea he was my one-night stand. To make matter’s worse, he’s the city’s leading divorce attorney. We have nothing in common, but we can’t keep our hands off each other.

When my sister files for divorce from her new husband, I’m determined to save her marriage, while my hot one-night stand is eager to split them apart. How can we ever meet in the middle?</strong

If you like hot men and sizzling conflict with a side helping of humor, you’ll love this sexy romance.

Reckless by Piper Lawson

Being a screw-up has its perks.
Sleepwalk through class.
Drink all day.
Nail anything that walks.

In another lifetime, I was the fastest guy at Fielding College. I broke more track records than anyone on the West Coast. But since my world fell apart, all I want is to be left alone.

Ariel isn’t just a wrench in that plan–she’s a bomb. The quiet girl with secrets comes out of nowhere and suddenly our fates are intertwined.

Now we’re spending way too much time together and it’s threatening to bring back the old Chase. More than that, I’m starting to crave something she won’t give me and I sure as hell can’t ask for.

But we’ve both got pasts that won’t let go. Even if I can survive hers, we can’t outrun mine.

The Edge of Temptation by J. Saman

I wasn’t looking for a distraction. No. I was perfectly miserable pickling myself in my drink when the fiery redhead bumped into me. Literally. And even though it was one of the worst days of my life, I couldn’t say no to one night with her.

I never expected to see her again. Never expected she’d be my patient. That I’d also end up being her boss. But I have rules I won’t break. And we’re both as strung out on our pasts as two people can get.

All I have to do is stay away from the sexy temptation. Be one hundred percent professional. Should be easy, right? Except you know what they say about best laid plans.

Ricochet Heart by Colleen Charles

A hard man takes no prisoners and I’m Teflon tough. I pride myself on my zero-tolerance policy for women and bullshit.

They just don’t appreciate the simple pleasures anymore. Not like I do. Ranching is my world, and I work this land the old-fashioned way. The same way I raise my daughters. Only two things matter to me. My precious little girls and this horse ranch that my family has owned for generations.
The last thing I need is some hot piece of ass sauntering onto my property, tossing around her pert opinions and turning my world upside down.
No woman alive can be trusted. And that goes double for her, a typical urban goddess. She’s got curves for days, making me ache to find out what lies underneath her tight jeans.

I want to possess her. Own her. Claim her.

And after I’ve had my fill, I want to force her back toward the bright lights of the glittering city. She may think part of my ranch belongs to her. But she’s wrong.

Dead wrong.

If she wants to go to battle with me, not only will I win the war … I’ll shatter her heart.

Rock Me Hard by Casey Hagen

Nikki Lane wrote songs about magical first glances and surrendered hearts, all while keeping hers locked away from lasting bruises. Even if she were willing to risk heartbreak, stardom and the relentless pace left no room for love.

It hardly left room for a booty call, but lord help her, she desperately needed a booty call.

She hungered for the heat, the wild abandon—so was it any wonder between the notes of the last song fading away and new beat yet to begin, that her eyes locked on tall, dark, and ready to rock her world in the front row? Standing in the sea of gyrating teeny boppers, with his back straight and confident grin, he stared into her soul and made her crave.

Aiden Powell buried his secret crush on Nikki Lane where his asshole twin would never find it and exploit it. When opportunity to see his crush in the flesh arises in the form of front row seats with VIP meet and greet privileges, he doesn’t hesitate to cover his afternoon patient appointments and head for the arena.

He has one chance, one night, to make his fantasy reality—and he would take it…

L.Y.L.T – Love You Long Time by E.S. Carter

For these two young doctors, love is virgin territory.

Nicola Tremere is his intern.

Focused, dedicated and funny, even when she doesn’t know it, she’s got Blake Henshaw spinning in his scrubs.
They say there’s a first time for everything. Will this be a first time for them both?

Love Avenged by Rylee Swann

A second chance for love, or a first chance for revenge.

That’s what Lacy James must decide when she runs into her college crush at their 25th reunion.

Back then, he was a bad boy who took her innocence then crushed her heart, like his other conquests.

Now, his stunning good looks have her rethinking getting even. Can she go through with it?

Or will her attraction to him allow her heart to be destroyed for the second time?

Keeping it Casual by Emma Tharp

It started with a proposition: one night. But Reid Livingston’s steel eyes, hot as hell body, and alpha male attitude tempt Mia to accept his second proposition. A no-strings attached relationship while he’s in town. Mia thinks she can do it. She’s in no position to start a new relationship anyway. But when she starts seeing his sweet, thoughtful side, the one that takes care of her and starts healing her, she knows she’s falling for him. Who’s going to be there to pick her up when he leaves town–and her–behind? Mia thought she was strong, thought she could keep it casual. Turns out she was wrong.

Like a Drug by Liz Matis

Billionaire Aaron King could lose his company if stockholders discover his addiction. Forced into rehab he must rely on his estranged identical twin brother to pose as the CEO. Aaron is dedicated to regaining control of his life, but then he meets a woman he’ll risk everything to possess.

County Music star Poppy Parker needs to be clean and sober before her world tour. Instead she gets dirty and drunk on a fellow rehab resident’s body, which leads to an obsession that could risk her last chance at a comeback.

Are they trading one addiction for another? Or is it a love that can save them both?

Enticing Enforcers by Heather C. Myers

He never expected to be hooking up with his teammate’s little sister, but Xander Vane – rugged enforcer for the Newport Beach Seagulls – never did anything people expected from him.

Isadora Worthington needed release and Xander provides that. There’s no reason to tell her brother because it isn’t serious and it won’t ever be serious.

When Isa’s ex comes back into the picture, Xander feels things he’s never felt before, including jealousy. And Isa realizes this may be more serious than she thought.

Desperate Times, Desperate Pleasures by Jan O’Hara

“Something is troubling Tabitha.”

Mia Gibson comes from a long line of romantic dupes, so when she receives a phone call about her teenage half-sister that begins this way, she knows the remedy:
1. Invite Tabitha to town.
2. Learn the identity of the smooth-talking male.
3. Grind his gonads into a dust finer than the sands of Hilton Head Island.

But Tabitha’s difficulties prove unexpectedly complex, and soon Mia is brushing up against a powerful local figure. A potentially dangerous figure she can’t hope to defeat without help.

Enter Jackson, if that’s even his real name, whom she meets under shady and…inconveniently intimate circumstances. When he offers his aid, can Mia truly trust a proven liar? Her heart whispers yes, but as peril draws near, if her heart errs—if the Gibson gullibility gene strikes again—this time the consequences could prove fatal.

Wet by Maggie Carpenter

Seeking love on the high seas, Brittany Carter books herself on a luxury cruise and meets a gorgeous Brit named Duncan Rhys-Davies. Wanting to learn more about him she impulsively creeps into his cabin. To her horror he catches her.

None too happy when he discovers an intruder, his displeasure quickly turns to titillation. The red-faced young woman is a beautiful southern belle, and in her hands is the saucy book he left on his nightstand. Though an eminent British barrister he writes discipline-laced romance novels under the alias A.S. Cane.

Questioning her with a scolding stare, she admits to secret spanking fantasies. Seizing the opportunity, he offers a choice. Accept punishment or be turned in. Terrified but tantalized she crawls across his lap.

Their smoldering attraction ignites, and as the days unfold he introduces her to his decadent lifestyle.

But there is another onboard who finds the flippant, fiery modern-day Scarlett O’Hara appealing, and he’s not one to take no for an answer.

Board ship and take a salacious cruise. Enjoy the page-turning wicked pleasures, and cupid’s sure-fire aim at the heart of a confirmed bachelor.

Diamonds & Winning Hearts by Tara L. Ames

One of the most sought after pitchers, both on and off the field, Brett Young signs a multi-million-dollar contract with Miami. New to south Florida, he’s single and free, leaving behind him a string of famous female models. Hanging out with the team at a club, he’s not looking for a new line-up, he’s had his fair share of scoring home runs, until he meets a sexy bartender whose known by his teammates as a No Hitter. None of them can get her to go out with them, they’ve all struck out with her, and they bet Brett will, too. Confident at winning, Brett accepts their wager and pitches a fast ball, only to find out she has a good eye and walks, throwing him out of his league and into an entirely different kind of game—of hot pursuit.

Landing a wealthy jock is not part of Tina Foxx’s plans. Once she gets her degree, she’s done being a bartender mixing drinks for the rich and famous and putting up with their drunken antics, until a new baseball player walks in and throws her into a heated game where she could end up losing her heart.

Duke by Shannyn Leah

Duke Black’s job for the last ten years has been to be Bowie Blake’s bodyguard—a job he enjoys and does well. But now Bowie says he isn’t needed for a while and he decides to take a vacation, something he hasn’t done in over a decade. What better place than Willow Valley? It’s close, within his budget, and he can spend all day by the lake.

While there, Duke meets Sage, whose business is being threatened. Duke—being the nice guy he is—agrees to help save her business. But Sage is hiding a secret that not only endangers her life but Duke’s too. Soon—because he can’t help himself—Duke’s bodyguard instincts kick in and his vacation is suddenly no longer the relaxing respite he’d hoped for.

Mr.  Wrong by Megyn Ward

Get in. Get some. Get out.

What could possibly go wrong?

Everything. Everything can go wrong. Especially when the hot guy at the bar I went home with on a whim turns out to be the ridiculously sexy younger brother of Hollywood’s hottest leading man, Landon Trask—who also happens to be my new boss.

In the blink of an eye, Lex McLeod goes from hot one-night-stand to hostile housemate who seems hell-bent on seeing me fail… when he isn’t luring me into the pool house and talking me out of my panties, that is.

Seducing The Competition by Ravena Tate

Business rivals make bad lovers … or do they?

Marketing Managers Jenna Wade and Mike McCord have long been attracted to each other, even though they work for competing firms. During conference they both attend, their guard comes down. One drink leads to another, and a passionate night together leaves them wanting more.

Jenna and Mike agree to leave it at one night for the sake of their careers, but that proves difficult as their attraction continues to grow. Will they give into temptation? And if they do, will that mean the end of their careers?

Virtually Yours by Alyssa Drake & Bella Emy

Welcome to Virtually Yours. An exclusive club created to provide a safe and healthy alternative to hooking up through the use of virtual reality. Experience pleasure without the tangles of a messy relationship.
There are only 3 rules:
1) Do not reveal personal information
2) Do not meet IRL
3) Do not hook up with the same person more than three times

When Ava catches her fiance in a compromising position, she decides it is time to take out the trash. Newly single and heartbroken, Ava is not interested in any relationship. Her best friend drags her to a club, promising a world of seduction with no commitment. However, neither woman has any idea of the danger they have stepped into.

A steamy, contemporary, suspenseful romance novel that will propel you into the ultimate 21st century hook up. All the exciting pleasures and passions of a steamy affair, without any of the brutal consequences.

Are you ready to unleash your wildest fantasies?

Mister English by S.R. Watson & Ryan Stacks

I’m not a VIRGIN! After being homeschooled and socially deprived, I took what I thought was the first step into adulthood—becoming a woman. Dating the quarterback of our university seemed ideal if I wanted to fit in with my peers. Only he never intended for us to be more than one night. I was merely a bet. A bet to get into the panties of the most socially awkward loner at school. I was crushed. When a chance to intern abroad for a photographer falls into my lap, I see it as a chance to escape the embarrassment and start over. Avoid hot guys that are out of my league.

As the saying goes … best laid plans. The photographer I’m being sponsored by shoots cover models, and one model, in particular, has hijacked my self-preservation. English accent, a body sculpted to perfection, a chiseled face, and long hair are apparently all it takes to make me forget the promise I made to myself to stay in my own lane.

Mr. English will not be my next mistake. I need a new plan!

Love Designed by Mia Kayla

Jenna Chase has mastered the art of stalking. Cyber stalking her ex boyfriend’s new girl-the busty blonde with her mile high legs that’s 3/4 of Jenna’s body. But there’s no time for stalking and gawking and sulking, especially when she has her hands full with her high maintenance, and cocky boss-The Bilf, as her friends call him.

Ethan Price is in search for a wife-a princess to match his perfection. Stakes are high and so are his standards. Hot as hell, successful as sin, wild and witty and one who loves his nieces are all his requirements, but no one would guess he’s on the search when he’s slept with every attractive female that’s walked through his office.

When desperation forces Ethan to make a deal with his secretary-Jenna, one where he pretends to be her arm candy to make the ex jealous, he never expected to enjoy the charade. And though Jenna doesn’t meet his list of wife criteria, he realized his search was over two years ago when he hired her.

If only she didn’t hate his guts

Dr. Sinful | A Navy SEALs Bad Boy Doctor Novel by Scarlett Avery

Her career as a sports doctor is soaring. Her love life, on the other end, not so much. He’s a former Navy SEALs Sniper turned bad boy doctor. An awkward situation brings them together. Their first kiss seals their fate.

Trophy Doctor by Kim Carmichael

Just a city girl trying to make it in a small town world…

After a bad breakup with her surgeon fiancé, Gwendolyn Oliver leaves Los Angeles with two goals in mind. 1. Be the best pharmaceutical sales rep she can be. 2. Swear off doctors forever. Now selling antibiotics in the small town of Clarefield, California—home of the world’s second largest rubber stamp – she plans to stay just long enough to make her quota so she can return to her beloved city a success. However when she meets one sexy physician, she knows she’s in trouble.

If there is a problem, Dr. Kirk Richmond is the man to solve it.. He dreams of opening a holistic health clinic but faces objections from his father and needs funds. When a gorgeous pharm rep offers him the key to his dream, it means betraying his convictions.

Despite her resolve to stay away from doctors, Gwen is charmed by Kirk and Clarefield, she must learn not all glamour comes in the form of the big city, and Kirk must believe he is more than her Trophy Doctor.